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Michael Allinson, Simon Jones, Victor Slezak and Elizabeth Wilson star in a special live recording of British author Barry Day’s new play, Aspects of Oscar, at The Museum of Television &Radio on Monday evening, April 23rd at 7PM.
Adapted especially for Stage Shadows by Mr. Day and directed by Michael Tolan, the play finds Oscar Wilde (Simon Jones) on one of today’s ubiquitous talk shows being interviewed about life, art and social chic. The famous author of The Picture of Dorian Grey and The Importance of Being Ernest responds with words from his plays, his letters and essays, in an entertainment full of Wildean wit and humor. Leslie Sara Carroll and Robert Kilbridge round out the distinguished cast. Sound design is by Adrian Cosentini. World Music percussionist Rex Benincasa designs and performs live sound and music.
The recording begins sharply at 7PM in the MT&R’s Mark Goodson Theatre, 25 West 52nd Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues). This special performance is for an invited audience and space is limited. An adjacent studio with a large screen is being provided for an overflow audience. Reservation number is (212) 604-4612. Reservations will be accepted only through Friday, April 20th.
Stage Shadows continues its fourth season of recording live at The Museum of Television &Radio with this April 23rd production, adding one more play to the 41 so far produced, of which 38 are audio theatre premieres. The productions air subsequently on “Classic Radio”, WFUV 90.7FM New York and worldwide on the station’s website. Link through
Producers Terry Ashe-Croft, Esmée, Robert Kilbridge