Stage Shadows Productions, Inc.

"Radio Like You've Never Seen It!"


Alex Simmons adapts his two comic book series, BLACKJACK and Race Against Time, especially for Stage Shadows "Radio Like You've Never Seen It!" for an action packed recording on Monday, May 14, 2001 at The Museum of Television & Radio in midtown Manhattan. In an original episode, BLACKJACK: Retribution, Black American Soldier of Fortune Arron Day finds himself in 1930s Argentina, battling his way through jungles and bloodthirsty bandits to save a woman's life. In the first episode of Race Against Time: The Race Is On!, young Stephen Lane and his adventurer uncle Richard suddenly clash with a diabolical genius with a ticking time bomb of global destruction.

Creator/author/publisher/actor Alex Simmons has written three stage plays, numerous juvenile mysteries, three biographies, three movie novelizations for Disney, two interactive mysteries for Tiger Toys, and is currently authoring Future Flash, a sci-terror trilogy, and The Raven League, a mystery adventure set in the London of Sherlock Holmes AND his new Batman character, Orpheus appears this August in Batman: Orpheus Rising for D.C. Comics…

The recording was in the MT&R's Mark Goodson Theatre, 25 West 52nd Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues). This special performance was for an invited audience.

Stage Shadows continues its fourth season of recording live at The Museum of Television & Radio with this May 14th, 2001 production, adding one more play to the 42 so far produced, of which 39 are audio theatre premieres. The productions air subsequently on "Classic Radio", WFUV 90.7FM New York and worldwide on the station's website. Link through

Producers Terry Ashe-Croft, Esmée, Robert Kilbridge